Eliane Laffont

in this brave new world, photojournalists need to reinvent themselves, need to understand how the public consumes images and identify new revenue streams that will allow them to produce the important stories that have become increasingly scarce in the mainstream media.

Elaine Laffont

These are difficult times. But no, photojournalism has not spoken its last words yet. The bottom line is this: As long as photojournalists believe in photojournalism, there is hope.

Vive le photojournalisme!

Ami Vitale – Photojournalist

I believe objectivity is an illusion but I also believe that there are a multitude of viewpoints and that no one “Truth” exists. I believe that unless we understand and give voice to these perspectives, reason remains veiled. Ignorance in each other’s stories leads us to assume we know them. It allows us to maintain perceptions of differences based on our own pre-conceived notions.