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ThinkTANK Photo Sling-O-Matic 20 Review

ThinkTANK Photo Sling-O-Matic 20

If you want a camera bag that you’ll enjoy taking with you – in my opinion, get the ThinkTANK Photo Sling-O-Matic 20 bag!

This isn’t a typical review of the features of the Sling-O-Matic 20 as I’m writing this review from more of a usability standpoint.

Needless to say, once UPS delivered the bag, opening the box and looking it over I knew I had my day to day bag to carry my essential gear anyplace I go in my errand running, street shooting and more.

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Rog Walker

(my inspiration) as far as photographers, it starts and ends with Richard Avedon for me. Not necessarily for his style but rather his ability to document and capture an idea. I draw inspiration from everywhere though (other artists, randomness in the city, etc). As an artist, the world gives me inspiration and I just look to return the favor in any way I can.