We Are Online Publishers, Not Just Visual Content Creators

…we are slowly starving to death due mostly to the sheer amount of “acceptable” images being produced.

I turned 53 in July and for the past 3+ months have been struggling with what might be termed a mid-life career crisis. Speaking with good friend and mentor @viewmagazine recently, I’ve come to one of those many epiphanies as one gets older regarding what I’ve done in the past and what I’m doing presently.

The idea of shooting visual content only is an outdated paradigm — one that you can either fight — and perish, or adapt and try to survive.

We are in a “Photography Surplus”.

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The True Cost of Producing a Video Project

When a client balks at the cost of producing a serious project that is telling their story I try to explain as best I can what is entailed with producing a quality piece for their needs.  It seems especially shocking to those who are involved in the non-profit and NGO sector which are the areas I target my services to – and tend to have the biggest issues with having the budgets needed to produce quality stories that they want for their organizations.

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Slow Down & Listen

A great quote from @kinfolkmag: “Our frenzied forms of current communication have nearly done away with the need for patience in conversation and correspondence, but our older and wiser predecessors are more practiced in the art of listening. Continue reading