Documenting Your Own Back Yard

“…you don’t have to travel across the globe to experience new things. Your own backyard is the farthest place away to someone else on the other side of the world.” ~Joey L – Photographer

Photo by Joey L

As a self trained photojournalist and editorial photographer, I’ve been privy to many of my colleagues lamenting/believing that if they could just photograph/document someplace else, they would have a better understanding of the world and a better portfolio…

I don’t fully agree with that belief.

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I have a bone to pick with alot of photographers today


Now that 2016 is in full gear, I’ve begun to think how to rebrand/rebuild  what I’ve been doing professionally for over 30 years.  As Joel Grimes put it, if you’re not producing self generated work at least once a week, you run the risk of falling into obscurity.  So I’m pushing myself into areas photographically that I have not felt very comfortable with.

But I realize it’s necessary to grow even at this stage of my career in a profession I have loved in 1977 when I received my first camera.

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