Eugene Oregon based documentary photographer Cliff Etzel specializes in family documentary and wedding documentary photography

A quiet moment capturing this young woman unawares looking out a doorway before a local grange hall dance. Documenting the everyday nuances of ordinary life has a special appeal for me.  No posing, no smiles, just a quiet moment in time captured.

I keep smiling every time I work with my @getolympus OMD bodies and primes.  Many in photojournalism today have opted for pro grade zooms but I honestly feel shooting with primes makes one a better photographer by forcing one to see and act upon it – zooming is accomplished by moving physically closer or farther away.  Less obtrusive and able to use in lower light compared to zooms.  I’m old school like that from my days of shooting newspaper and magazine work when fast  zooms weren’t an option at the time.

I’ve said it before and might sound like a broken record, but the work of @williamalbertallard and @davidalanharvey from my days first starting out back in the late 80’s have continued to be an inspiration to me 30+ years later.  I met David while attending the @eddieadamsworkshop in the fall of 1992, and I have yet to meet Bill – especially given I now have four of his amazing books of his photographic work.

Hopefully I’ll be fortunate to meet both at some point in the near future

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