Eugene Oregon family documentary photography by Cliff Etzel

Telling a visual story many times is in the details.  It’s about seeing those subtle moments that most miss because they’re trying to capture something bigger.

Image Details:  In my work as a #familydocumentaryphotographer, I was commissioned to photograph the rehearsal of a Jewish girls #BatMitzvah,  since photographing the actual ceremony was prohibited as it took place on Shabbat.  I photographed the rehearsal as if it were the actual ceremony, looking for those moments that I could weave visually into a story that celebrates one of those important times within the Jewish culture.  For me, this image represents the importance and love her grandfather feels by shooting video on his cel phone to record his granddaughters transition into young adulthood.

Being aware of moments like this in this kind of shooting situation is critical to the success of weaving thoughtful and compelling images together to tell a visual story.  Look for the less obvious moments.  Images like this can speak louder than one might expect.

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