Wedding documentary photography by Cliff Etzel Eugene Oregon

It’s my belief that seeing unique, decisive moments visually requires what Eckhart Tolle’ refers to as “being in the present moment”. For me, this image is an example of that.

Image Details:  As a wedding documentary photographer, I’ve needed to bring to bear seeing those decisive moments – no matter how insignificant they might seem initially.  Use the existing environment to help tell the story about the subject is one thing I’ve learned over the course of 30+ years as a working photographer.  In this image, the open doorway frames the bride as she looks in a mirror to check how the back of her dress looks.  The framing, the pose and the lighting at this moment combine to create a moment in time that will never be again.

Being in the present moment requires just that – not projecting into the future or regretting the past.  It also requires telling ones self what I’ve referred to in previous posts from @davidduchemin:

“Don’t let the unrealistic expectation of perfection get in the way of good (enough)”.

As photographers, we place the burden of having not only making correctly exposed images, but they have to be grain free, tack sharp, etc.  This image isn’t tack sharp, it isn’t grain free (purposely on my part) but the moment is both subtle and powerful, a quiet and reflecting moment the bride was having the moment I pressed the shutter release.

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