Wedding Documentary Photography by Cliff Etzel

It stuns me at times to review my work to see the subtle influences of certain photographers I admire, in this instance the work of @williamalbertallard, and how those influences reveal themselves in the images I capture.  This quiet moment didn’t initially jump out at me during post production but as I stopped to look at it longer, it quietly, yet profoundly spoke to me…

The animals in the field contrast with the elegance of the woman in her gown (in this instance, the wedding of my friend @nicole_nelson_photography and her husband Aaron in August) and the setting sun just before it ducked behind the trees and hills in this rural setting outside the community of Lorane, Oregon.  The late afternoon sun rim lighting her shoulder and hair, the quiet glance to the side.

Looking at Allard’s work continues to renew my eye for seeing and letting those quiet moments unfold before me and capturing them in a way that honor’s that present moment.  I’ve come to realize more and more that it’s these less grandiose moments as having more impact than many peak “decisive” moment type images that pervade the social media landscape.

My philosophy is really simple: “Slow Down & Understand The World Around You” and “Accept each present moment as if you chose it” – these are the core principles I ascribe to in the work I produce.

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