A Quiet Moment

Wedding Documentary Photography by Cliff Etzel

It stuns me at times to review my work to see the subtle influences of certain photographers I admire, in this instance the work of @williamalbertallard, and how those influences reveal themselves in the images I capture.  This quiet moment didn’t initially jump out at me during post production but as I stopped to look at it longer, it quietly, yet profoundly spoke to me…

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The Influence of William Albert Allard

Eugene Oregon Documentary Photography by Cliff Etzel

I’m beginning to see the subtle influences viewing the work of @williamalbertallard in his seminal book “The Photographic Essay”.

Allard’s selected work enclosed in this book forever changed the way I see color as a documentary photographer. The use of slow ISO Kodachrome with Leica Rangefinders and wide open apertures in marginal lighting conditions really was the defining shift in my work.

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